Sweet dreams are not made of these.

Tired. All. The. Time. And not able to sleep through a full night. 

I’m eating better/more. I try to get all the good foods in. Lots of salad and orange juice and Bellybars. And broccoli. Broccoli always sounds delightful. 

This is probably in the realm of stupidity or just ignorant-new-mom-to-be, but I’m getting nervous. Other than being super tired (which, let’s face it, this isn’t the first I NEED TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW phase I’ve had in my life) and occasional spittiness, I don’t even feel pregnant. I have my first doctor’s appointment on Monday. What if he’s like, “Nope, you made it all up. You can go home and start your period now.”

I’m going to go nap now… And then wake up, eat leftover pizza, and watch DVRed episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race and Sixteen and Pregnant. And grade papers. 

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